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Hearing Aid Repairs

choosing-hearing-aidEven with the best care, your hearing aids will need basic repairs from time to time. Some of these can be performed at home, while others may require you to seek help from your Alexandria hearing loss healthcare provider.

With basic knowledge of some common causes for hearing aid problems, you’ll have a better chance of successfully solving simple issues at home or on the go. A general understanding of hearing device troubleshooting will also help you know when it’s time to get assistance from a hearing aid repair professional in Central Louisiana. Here is a list of some difficulties you may encounter with your hearing aids and some solutions to try:

Weak sound or no sound

Possible causes include a dead battery, clogged microphone, blocked speaker or old wax guard/filter. If replacing the battery doesn’t help solve this issue, try cleaning out the microphone and speaker areas or replacing the wax filter.

Feedback, background noise or whistling

These issues can result from a buildup of earwax or a poorly placed device. First, try taking out and reinserting your hearing aid. If this doesn’t work, clean the interior and exterior of your device with a dry cloth or cleaning tool.

Muddy or distorted sound

Check to ensure your hearing aid hasn’t switched settings from “microphone” to “telecoil.” If this isn’t the case, the problem is likely related to your hearing device’s battery. If it’s not time to replace the battery, try carefully cleaning the battery’s surface along with the battery contacts and interior battery compartment.

In the instances where you encounter other problems or these solutions don’t resolve your concerns, visit your Alexandria audiologist right away. Ongoing issues could result in extensive or permanent damage to your device, which can be costly to repair. Additionally, poorly functioning hearing aids can have a major impact on your regular routine, so getting to the bottom of a problem should always be a high priority.