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Hearing Conservation Programs

At Audiology Consultants of Louisiana in Alexandria, we offer more than just top-notch treatment plans and helpful hearing loss services. Our expert staff promotes hearing health in our community by offering professional hearing conservation services. Our professional program has three goals:

  • Equip employers and employees with important hearing loss information
  • Distribute proper hearing protection to all workers at risk of hearing loss
  • Set preventative policies and practices in motion for the future


America is in the midst of a hearing loss epidemic; since the early 1990s, cases of hearing loss have more than doubled. This upturn in hearing conditions is largely attributed to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Hearing conservation programs combat NIHL, which currently accounts for 25% of all hearing loss and affects 10 million Americans.

Workplace noise is a major contributor to NIHL. In fact, about 22 million people across the U.S. are exposed to potentially damaging sounds at their job each year. Any Louisiana workplace identified as producing sound at potentially damaging levels is required by federal law to provide proper hearing protection to all employees.

More About Hearing Conservation Programs

Our outstanding hearing conservation program is designed to be easy, efficient and effective for employers and employees alike. The program offers:

  • Affordability. Audiology Consultants of Louisiana provides premier professional services that fit your company’s budget. Our program is flexible, adaptable and customizable, so employers can meet their company’s current hearing healthcare needs.
  • Compliance. Federal regulations dictate that companies must provide proper protection and audiological care to employees if workplace noise exceeds safety standards. Our hearing conservation program uses a stress-free system to ensure you’re in compliance with the law, providing cutting-edge care and protection.

A hearing conservation program comprises three basic steps that aim to prevent occupational NIHL. First, we will evaluate your workplace to assess potentially problematic sounds, reduce noise output when possible and identify which workers need hearing protection. Next, we will distribute protective earplugs and provide hearing loss assessments to all employees. After this, we offer ongoing observation and reporting so you can analyze your current and future hearing healthcare needs.